What is WiTtraveler

Smart Devices for your phone

WiTtraveler is smart devices with built-in Bluetooth Smart technology for traveler. Download the free app, your phone becomes a companion for Anti-theft and luggage finder during your trip.

Our products line up for WiTtraveler series include luggage belt, luggage scale and luggage lock. Those models are built-in with Bluetooth Smart. Using AAA battery, your luggage can be safe guard by your app. Your luggage belt/lock will alarm if your phone is separated with your luggage. By controlling on the app, alert distance is adjustable which serve for different circumstances.

How does WiTtraveler work

Anti-theft with your phone
Luggage finder with your phone

WiTtraveler built in with Bluetooth Smart technology. When your phone and the WiTtraveler are separated, your phone and the WiTtraveler will give alert. Provided with a free app, the alarm distance is adjustable.

Not only for Anti-theft, WiTtraveler app can serve as a luggage finder. If your want to locate your luggage or if you are waiting your luggage, WiTtraveler app can give you alert once your luggage is detected or coming out from claimed luggage belt.

Luggage scale in WiTtraveler series provide the function of luggage weight recording. Time and Location is recorded on your app during weighing. User may compare the weight different from time to time.

One phone can manage 2 WiTtraveler, "Lock + Belt" or "Belt + Belt".

Our Features

Safeguard your luggage by phone
  • Adjustable Distance

    The safe distance can be adjusted on the app. Suit for different circumstances.

  • Manage 2 devices

    You may manage two smart devices on an app. 2 belts or 1 belt and 1 luggage scal

  • Luggage Helper

    Give you alert when luggages are detected

App Feature Image
  • Cool design

    Bluetooth Smart is built-in on TSA lock and belt.

  • Power Saving

    With AAA battery, enough for your whole trip.

  • Anti-theft

    Not only your phone alert you, but the smart devices also have alarm.


Smart Devices for travelers

K200 Luggage Belt

TSA with 3 dial combination lock

K100 Luggage Scale

Weight recording with time and location on app

K300 Luggage Lock

3 dial combination lock