Why WiTscale

Manage your health by app

WiTscale is a high precision electronic body scale that built in with Bluetooth Smart technology. With Step On technology and WiTscale App, user can easily keep track of body weight and health data on the app.

WiTscale features

WiTscale is a high accuracy electronic scale with Bluetooth Smart technology

Long battery life

Bluetooth Smart is a low power RF technology. Just using AAA batteries, battery life can last more than a year.

Bluetooth Smart technology

Bluetooth Smart is simple to our customers. Measured data can be transmitted to your phone. Just one click at the first time using WiTscale, user will never to have trouble.


All family members can share the same scale. No limit on number of users. All data management is done on app. User profile can be set on a single app.

App Feature Image

Weight management

Graphical presentation on app allows users to keep track their record. Target weight can be set for individual user for weight management.

Step On technology

All models of WiTscale are equipped with Step On technology. User just step on the scale, high accuracy measured weight will be automatically transmitted to the phone.

Apple HealthKit

All data will synchronize with Apple HealthKit.


S1 is Small and compact size.
Easy for storage


Glass surface with Metal Plate on top
Bigger size with Body Fat


S200 is the basic model
For body weight measurement

How does Apple HealthKit work

HealthKit is newly launched by Apple for Health management.

WiTscale app will synchronize with Apple HealthKit. All measured data will automatically synchronize on Apple HealthKit. User may use our WiTscale app or using HealthKit for data management.

WiTscale app

Our WiTscale app is free. Find it on Appstore and Playstore