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Everything is connected

We produce those products to serve you a better life. Connected things is the trend of electronic devices. Smart Devices connect to your phone and data automatically send to cloud. Health care products that measure your body condition will be recorded automatically. Home automation is done by by command over voice.

The way of what we do with our phone is a motivation of our team to design new products for users. It always serve the best to your lifestyle.

  • Health Monitoring by your finger tip
  • We provide good quality product at affordable price
  • Home Automation serve our customers the best lifestyle
  • Safe Travelling is a key element to you

Health Management

Our lifestyle

WiTscale is a high precision body scale. Built-in with Bluetooth Smart technology, users can keep track of their health with a finger tip.

Safe Travelling

Monitor your luggages by phone

WiTtraveler series are travel gadgets that built in with Bluetooth Smart technology. Travelers can protect their luggage from theft by setting alert distance on the app.

With different kind of models, our customers can select the best suitable products for their need.

Home Automation

Energy Management

WiTenergy is a smart socket with energy measurement. Your Home Appliances can be programmed to be environmental friendly.

Home Automation

Time dependent and Energy dependent setting for home automation.

Health Managment

WiTscale provides different kind of body scales that suitable for you.

Safe Travelling

WiTtraveler provides different models for different needs for our customers

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